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Develop a holistic, God-inspired life plan complete with a personal vision, priorities,

and a 90-day action plan. A transformative experience for Christian women who want to:

  • Eliminate overwhelm, overwork, and frantically reacting to life

  • Feel calm, clear, and confident about life and priorities

  • Make a positive impact while also being present for the people and moments that matter most

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Presented by Jeannette Cochran

With over 25 years of experience as a pastor, entrepreneur, and leadership coach, Jeannette Cochran has a proven track record in building successful businesses and founding impactful ministries. Committed to empowering women to flourish in leadership and thrive in life, Jeannette's journey is a testament to her genuine belief that success extends beyond professional achievements. Her focus on pouring love into others, honoring God, and living by one's values is not just a mantra but a lived reality, fostering trust in her abilities and inspiring those around her to do the same.

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